Ida’s Diary entry #28

Bonsoir, c’est moi

My smaller owner was out today and she took some photos of some of my relatives. I thought you’d like to meet them.

 Orphan Annie

That’s Orphan Annie. She’s 3 weeks older than me and she was blacker than me when she was born. Her mum was quite young and didn’t call her to feed, so she didn’t get fed as much as me. She’s about half my size now.

Dramatic sky and Orphan Annie 012

Inca hasn't got horns like this!

Inca hasn’t got horns like this!

Wow, grand old man.

I’m not sure I remember them, I am sure mum and Inca would though. IT’s nice to see photos of them.




Ida’s Diary entry #27

Cou cou,

I know, I know it’s been too long and I have no excuses.

Whilst I haven’t been blogging I have been busy eating grass, growing fat and growing my coat ready for winter.
Inca’s coat has turned gingery/brown in the sun, Mum’s only a little and mine a little too.
Inca with ginger hair.
Mum with a little ginger on her shoulders.
Me with a little ginger hair too.

As you can see from the photos, Autumn has arrived, and today is a little cool and breezy. A sure sign that winter is on the way is the annual migration of the Grue. We’ve been hearing them go over since the early hours, and my small owner has spotted skeins in the distance but none near enough to catch on camera. It’s a fantastic sight when they fly low overhead but at this time of year it’s not as welcome as it is in late Winter early Spring.

Flying over in Feb 2013

I wasn’t living here when they flew over in Feb. They make quite a bit of noise as they come over, probably calling out to each other, “Are we there yet” and stuff like that. The sky doesn’t look like this today, it’s grey and cloudy. My little owner is hoping to get a photo today. I prefer the sky that blue colour, don’t you ūüėÄ

The chickens are increasing in number, there are the 6 chicks you saw in an earlier blog. They’re now nearly 9 weeks old and looking a bit cold today.

Cool chicks

This colourful coq is from the 6 chicks hatched about 4 months ago, all turned out to be coqs and this is the only one who will become part of the flock. I shan’t say what will become of the others :-/
Trousers 3

Dogs! Yes I mean dogs. The dog from next door has been over 2 or 3 times since I introduced her a month or so back. Luckily she doesn’t chase us and I hope she continues not to. Hatchi, the dog who comes regularly to be dogsat has just had a haircut.

We'll have a good laugh at him when he comes over tomorrow.

We’ll have a good laugh at him when he comes over tomorrow.

So that’s it from here. What’s been happening you’re end?

a la prochaine,


Ida’s Diary, entry #26

Mum and Inca checking to see if the dog's still there.

Mum and Inca checking to see if the dog’s still there.

Oct 2013 Sheep 010Salut, c’est moi Ida,

I’ve been a little unwell the last few days and my smaller owner has been making me take disgusting medicine. I am pleased to day though that I now feel well, have my appetite back and am enjoying my lambhood again.

It was a very scary afternoon and tonight when it was time for the chickens to be bothered, our smaller owner finally noticed that there was a dog in the garden!

Isis the first time she came an bothered us!

Isis the first time she came an bothered us!

That’s her. Her name is Isis (she was born this year and if your remember we are all named with the letter “I” as that’s the letter for animals this year). She lives next door and this afternoon was in the garden practicing rounding us and the chickens up! It looks like all the chickens are accounted for, although there are a few feathers and a chicken missing many of her tail feathers, but our owner was more worried about the babies.
3 week old Lavender Pekin chicks.

3 week old Lavender Pekin chicks.

We were not impressed and especially since the dog was eventually penned in our pen!

As a treat we’ve been allowed into the smaller garden tonight and we’re munching away on the lush grass. We’ve not been able to eat much this afternoon what with the dog an’ all.
Oct 2013 Sheep 010
I didn’t have time to check as I have eating grass to catch up on.

Me munching.

Me munching.

Oh and we had another treat, a little bit of bread at the back door. That doesn’t ever happen nowadays, so perhaps having the dog running round the garden is a good thing!

So, that’s what’s been happening. I’ve been chatting to my friends on Facebook who are mostly very caring.

Ida on Facebook.

Thanks for dropping in and sorry I am not blogging loads. Life is pretty much full on munching grass and greenery and putting weight on for the winter. I am rather round already, so I shall probably be fine.

a plus (French for See Ya!)


PS. Our owner has no idea why the photos decide to change the order in which they were posted. She knows that if she attempts to rectify the problem the mess will be far worse. So, she hopes you enjoy the photos and can make sense of their sense.

Ida’s Diary, entry #25

Bonsoir mes amies,

Guess who?

There’s been a lot of activity around here this week and none of it sheep related. We’ve been almost side lined by the poultry fraternity. First of all the last few days of the week saw several trips by the small owner to the chicken coop. Backwards and forwards for 2 days, all because chicks were hatching and the chicken mother had abandoned the odd one or two eggs. I think in the end, 3 chicks were saved to add to the 3 which had been hatched. So, there are 6 new chicks and we’ve not met them yet.

Next (more poultry related) there’s been a dearth of eggs lately, and our owners have been waiting for the five 3 month old chicks to develop only to discover that they’re all cockerels! So, off they went to the local market to buy some point of lay hens. We’ve sort of met them, but they’re not allowed out to join the flock for a week or two.

This is Mr Pekin (one of the Mr Pekin’s) staking his claim and letting them know he’s available when they are. See his little dance? That’s a come on (what ever that means, I am a young lamb and know not of these things).
So, as you can see, this is my diary and there are no recent photos of me! It’s like I don’t exist ūüė¶

I complained about “being invisible” on Facebook earlier, which meant of course my owner then came out and attempted to take photos of me. I played hard to get.

Me and mum

I am the one behind, I am so like mum now. I have a different voice, I sound more lamb than sheep, and my face is not quite as long as mums. I am 6 months old now.

I am not posing.

This is me attempting to ignore my owner. Inca lets the flock down, he’s always right there wanting to know what my owner is doing, seeing if she’s got food and basically being too friendly.

sunday stuff 012

Mum and me racing to the gate to see if we can through before they close it, a rare occurrence.

The dog has been round quite a few times, he tries to get us to play with him. I’m not sure he realises we’re not dog’s and that even if we wanted to, there’s a gate and a fence in the way.

My owner found this just now and thought you might like it. I don’t, and hope now sheep were hurt in this game!

Sleep sheep game

Oh and one more, good luck with it. My owner says it’s impossible!
Sheep Game

That’s it for now. Hopefully she’ll ignore me less now I’ve blogged and reminded her (and my public) that I exist!

a la prochaine xxx


Ida’s dairy, entry #24


Yes, it’s been a while. I’ve not got a lot to tell you and our owners have had no internet at home since a violent storm 2 weeks ago. So, they’ve been going away to use the internet quite a bit and leaving us on our own.

We’ve been having great fun annoying the dog, especially as he thinks we’re playing with him. He’s been round a lot recently and our owners have been sitting in the part of the garden that used to be ours. You know, that bit they fenced off. The dog stands at the wire fence and there is a hole in the wire. Inca is very daring and goes up to the wire and the dog and Inca practically touch noses. Mum thumps her to front feet at the dog and he thinks she’s playing. He runs off at full pelt, very excited, does a circuit of the garden and comes back for more. The he and Inca and mum repeat the same thing.

There’s still a reasonable amount of fresh grass even though it’s not rained a lot recently. However, when our small owner allowed us into the fenced of garden, we tucked into anything edible at top speed. She thinks, we think, the grass is greener on the other side!

Snake 001

The cat found a snake earlier and was trying to eat it. Our big owner rescued it. He often rescues lizards, and frogs and toads from the cat, he’s very gentle.

I hope you’re all enjoying your summer. I am looking forward to the cooler weather and some lush grass. Mum is still letting me feed but it’s a bit of a rush job.

I’ll try not to leave it so long.

a bientot.


Ida’s diary, entry #23

It’s a glum day ūüė¶

Over the last couple of days there have been some changes taking place.  Changes that are not nice for us.

Our bigger owner has been working in OUR part of the garden, and we can no longer get into OUR part of the garden!

Nothing wrong with this at all.

Nothing wrong with this at all.

A gatey type fency thing being installed

A gatey type fency thing being installed

This is the lovely dusty mess we've made next to the back door.This is the lovely dusty mess we’ve made next to the back door.

A gate going here I think.

A gate going here I think.

This is finished, apparently!

This is finished, apparently!

I think our owners are hoping that we won’t leave poo on the terrace and will stop coming and calling at the door. ¬†They may even start sitting out there again if the awful chicken/pigeon poo smell from next door subsides.

The gate is still a work in progress, looks like it will need more help. ¬†Have just watched chickens flying over the top. ¬†So, what with the heat and everything, we have spent the hottest part of the day in the sheep shelter… we’d prefer to be near the house of course.

Gate nearly done.

Gate nearly done.

Hmm, more work needed if chickens are also not welcome.

Hmm, more work needed if chickens are also not welcome.

I am still managing the odd suckle with mum although it is getting very hard to kneel down and take a chance. ¬†Mum gets quite impatient and moves away quite quickly now. ¬† Got to go, it’s time for the chickens to be bothered and for us to have some maize.

a la prochaine.


Ida’s diary, entry #22

Coo eee

Long time no write.  Sorrrreeeee.

I really haven’t a lot to tell you. ¬†We spend a lot of time at the moment dozing and chewing the cud in the very hot temperatures. ¬†Apparently the smell of our wool and lanolin is drifting over into the front garden. ¬†Our owner has quite a sense of smell mind you, so it’s probably not that bad.

I am nearly as big as mum now. ¬†I don’t sound like mum though, I still have my lamb voice. ¬†I wonder whether my voice will break as I enter adolescenthood ūüėÄ

Our owner has noticed that we’re not very polite or caring towards each other when there is food involved! ¬†At chicken bothering time when we get a bit of maize, we climb all over each other and our owner to get our head stuck in the bucket first. ¬†In fact, mum and Inca tend to jam both of their heads in at the same time, I keep secretly hoping they’ll get stuck that way.

Our owners abandoned us the other day.  They headed off to the Auvergne, you know that place I mentioned in an earlier entry with the extinct volcanoes.


We were meant to be on our own for nearly 3 days but they were back before we really missed them. Apparently it was nice, and the scenery and architecture was interesting (whatever that is) but here in this house is where they prefer to be.

We have seen a lot of the dog recently but he stays the otherside of the door and doesn’t come and chase us. ¬†Today was a dog free day, as is tomorrow apparently. ¬†He is coming on Thursday though, it’s my owners birthday, he probably has a present for her.

So, sorry no photos.  Just imagine a green, spent volcano with a radio mast on top with a few white clouds in a blue sky.  Got it? There, no problem.

A la prochaine mes amies



Yes I know, I got the entry number wrong. ¬†Just checking to see you’re all paying attention!