Inca is much better.


Just to let you know we are all much happier now the weather is a little warmer.  We’ve found some nice juicy grass in the front garden and the sun has been shining today.
Some of the flock decided that this might be a place where food would be found.  They got chased out.

All that is needed now is some rain and warmer weather to grow some grass. We overheard our owners suggesting dog collars and leads so we can be taken up the road to other grass.  I am sure we could be trusted to behave without leads….however there is the issue of the grumpy neighbour so we can’t try it out.


It’s been so long since I have blogged properly I should tell you there is now only one cat.  Jupiter had gone for a long walk last time I blogged, he didn’t ever come back.  Grebo and Jazz the 3 legged cat got on just fine, and Grebo enjoyed a few more months of being curled up with another cat just as he had at the start of his life.  Now there is just the 3 legged cat who is very spoilt.  She is the only animal in this household who is allowed to live indoors and lives a life of luxury!


That’s all for now.  You never know, there might be more from me this year.


Cou Cou c’est moi, Ida!

I know, long time no see…..I’ve been very busy and life has been so full.

Winter 2016/17

Incas interest in food is not how it is normally and he is spending more time apart from us and looking sad. Our little owner has been worried and got that man who comes to take our wool off to come and see what is wrong.

He thinks that we haven’t got enough to eat and have been eating the hedge which is too rich. So he brought over a trailer of hay…guess what, we’re not interested in that thank you!
Yesterday was a lovely day and the little owner went out and came back with some bread for us (they don’t eat bread much). We managed a whole pain between us and I heard her saying she was pleased to see Inca looking happier and pushing in (as he does normally) for food.

Today he is not happy again and the little owner is thinking that perhaps the very cold temperatures at night (-6C)  might not be helping so she has made ( and I mean made) the big owner rig up an infra red heating lamp in the pen he made several years ago which we refuse to use as a pen and there is fresh straw in there, the hay and some other things, oh and water (not sure what you’re meant to do with that!)

I heard the little owner say that she will keep us in over night and see if that improves things for Inca….she also said it will be interesting trying to get us in there….she’s right.
Will let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Hope you’ve all be okay and are looking forward to warmer weather and grass that grows.


Ida’s Diary entry #27

Cou cou,

I know, I know it’s been too long and I have no excuses.

Whilst I haven’t been blogging I have been busy eating grass, growing fat and growing my coat ready for winter.
Inca’s coat has turned gingery/brown in the sun, Mum’s only a little and mine a little too.
Inca with ginger hair.
Mum with a little ginger on her shoulders.
Me with a little ginger hair too.

As you can see from the photos, Autumn has arrived, and today is a little cool and breezy. A sure sign that winter is on the way is the annual migration of the Grue. We’ve been hearing them go over since the early hours, and my small owner has spotted skeins in the distance but none near enough to catch on camera. It’s a fantastic sight when they fly low overhead but at this time of year it’s not as welcome as it is in late Winter early Spring.

Flying over in Feb 2013

I wasn’t living here when they flew over in Feb. They make quite a bit of noise as they come over, probably calling out to each other, “Are we there yet” and stuff like that. The sky doesn’t look like this today, it’s grey and cloudy. My little owner is hoping to get a photo today. I prefer the sky that blue colour, don’t you 😀

The chickens are increasing in number, there are the 6 chicks you saw in an earlier blog. They’re now nearly 9 weeks old and looking a bit cold today.

Cool chicks

This colourful coq is from the 6 chicks hatched about 4 months ago, all turned out to be coqs and this is the only one who will become part of the flock. I shan’t say what will become of the others :-/
Trousers 3

Dogs! Yes I mean dogs. The dog from next door has been over 2 or 3 times since I introduced her a month or so back. Luckily she doesn’t chase us and I hope she continues not to. Hatchi, the dog who comes regularly to be dogsat has just had a haircut.

We'll have a good laugh at him when he comes over tomorrow.

We’ll have a good laugh at him when he comes over tomorrow.

So that’s it from here. What’s been happening you’re end?

a la prochaine,


Ida’s diary, entry #17


Just a short note to tell you that I have a Facebook profile now 😀

I was feeling lonely here without the odd comment or feedback.  So, please pop over to Facebook and like my page,

My Facebook Profile

Thanks, and please let me know if this black writing on blue background isn’t working for you.

Bon samedi xx


Ida’s diary, entry #16


Hooray, the sun is trying to peek through the clouds and it looks like that summer we talk about a few days ago is about to arrive.   Yesterday was one of the worst days ever, it rained and rained and was so dark all day.  I heard my owners grumbling and saying that you’d never believe it was nearly the longest day.

There has been a lack recently of antics from us, we’re becoming a little too boring and just interested in eating and sleeping and eating.  The only time we show much interest in our owner is at chicken bothering time when we have become much more boisterous with our pushing and shoving to get a bit of the chicken food.  There has been a small photo opportunity today, and this blog is more of photos than anything else.   I was very good and stood still in the sun whilst having a nice stroke.

Okay, my owner has asked me to tell you that she’s not doing very well adding photos in order and making the blog look balanced today. So, she’s adding the photos with their captions, but there will be no text around them. Hopefully

the captions will tell the story.

Enjoying a stroking session with my owner.  I'm sleepy which is why I let her stroke me for so long.

Enjoying a stroking session with my owner. I’m sleepy which is why I let her stroke me for so long.

Inca also wanting to be stroked.

Inca also wanting to be stroked.

Mum getting plumper.

Mum getting plumper.

Inca's a bit itchy.

Inca’s a bit itchy.

Figs, a bit green but we enjoyed them! (I think we're in trouble for that)

Figs, a bit green but we enjoyed them!
(I think we’re in trouble for that)

Mint, we don't eat mint!

Mint, we don’t eat mint!

My owner and the other bigger owner are thinking of reestablishing the fence around the  near part of the garden.  It means we won't be able to go and demand attention at the back door.

My owner and the other bigger owner are thinking of reestablishing the fence around the near part of the garden. It means we won’t be able to go and demand attention at the back door.

Okay, now I shall have a short snooze in the sun.

Okay, now I shall have a short snooze in the sun.

Mum doing that wavy leg warning thing.  She is still not so friendly with our owner.   And since our owner doesn't feed us treats much, mum isn't interested in just attention.

Mum doing that wavy leg warning thing. She is still not so friendly with our owner.
And since our owner doesn’t feed us treats much, mum isn’t interested in just attention.

So, that’s what’s going on here.  How’s your Friday going?  We’re going to spend the day grazing and I’ll probably attempt to pair up with the black chicken who’s the nearest I am going to get to a playmate (apart from Inca who is stupid).

Bon vendredi et bon weekend.



Ida’s diary, entry #15

Bon samedi

My owner is wandering around in very few clothes, so it appears summer is really here.  Apparently this means we spend a couple of days laying around in the shade keeping cool, and then running for shelter when the heavy rain comes down accompanied by a lot of noise called thunder and flashes of light called lightening.  We had some of that yesterday evening, and we’re expecting more and worse for the next 2 days.


My owner has discovered some new blogs over the last few days, and whilst reading one, came across this that you might enjoy.  It’s called The Shepherd’s Song (appropriately) and the film is from a place 4 hours away called the Auvergne, a beautiful landscape of old sleeping volcanoes.

Thanks to Tottie Limejuice’s blog, Sell the Pig for introducing my owner to this song.

My owners visited the Puye de Dome a few years ago (it’s the volcano in the middle of this shot she thinks).  It’s well worth a return visit.  It’s where Volvic water comes from.   My owner has a lovely virtual friend who lives near here, Caroline….I hope she sees this and enjoys it.

Sadly one of the new chicks has died.  Our owner noticed this morning there were only 5 chicks and has just discovered the body of the 6th one.  The others are doing well, and apparently Mrs Pekin (you know, the one who’s after her own blog) is being a good mum.

That’s all for now.

a la prochaine