Inca is much better.


Just to let you know we are all much happier now the weather is a little warmer.  We’ve found some nice juicy grass in the front garden and the sun has been shining today.
Some of the flock decided that this might be a place where food would be found.  They got chased out.

All that is needed now is some rain and warmer weather to grow some grass. We overheard our owners suggesting dog collars and leads so we can be taken up the road to other grass.  I am sure we could be trusted to behave without leads….however there is the issue of the grumpy neighbour so we can’t try it out.


It’s been so long since I have blogged properly I should tell you there is now only one cat.  Jupiter had gone for a long walk last time I blogged, he didn’t ever come back.  Grebo and Jazz the 3 legged cat got on just fine, and Grebo enjoyed a few more months of being curled up with another cat just as he had at the start of his life.  Now there is just the 3 legged cat who is very spoilt.  She is the only animal in this household who is allowed to live indoors and lives a life of luxury!


That’s all for now.  You never know, there might be more from me this year.


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