Ida’s Diary entry #33

Snow sheep 002


Haha!  Surprised you.  I haven’t blogged since May 2014.  There hasn’t been much to tell you.  We got sheared, we frolicked and we chewed the cud.  Life has been good, sometimes hot, sometimes wet and now look!  Lucky we’ve grown our coats back.  Our small owner reckons we look pregnant.

So, the first snow of this winter came, and we spent the night in our shelter (our owner could tell because we come out in the morning covered in straw).   When we came out we had a good play.  Jumping, bouncing and head butting. Inca made a couple of head butts towards our small owner and got told off 🙂

Snow sheep 007

The snow began to melt reasonably quickly so it wasn’t long before we found edible bits.  As you can see, Inca is eating bark!  There are several trees with bark missing, which is not good.

Snow sheep 011

We have new things living here now, these cats arrived in July.

Junon and Jupiter 010

They’re much bigger now of course.  The boy cat at the front is Jupiter (and he has been missing from here for 6 days!  Our owners are hoping he is on a great adventure somewhere).  His sister Jazz has only 3 legs and she is missing her brother.  We hope he comes back because we can head butt him.   The cats are lucky, they get to keep warm by the log burner!

Warm cats 002

Snow sheep 012


Snow sheep 015

Snow sheep 016

The snow has gone now, and the sun is shining. It’s quite windy and cold.  So pleased I have my big woolly coat to keep me warm.

That man who came to shear us has been hedge cutting, and we managed to find the large amount of bramble left on the ground.  It chased each of us for a day or two and took our owners (and the man) some effort to catch us and remove it.

So that’s the news from me.  I hope you’ve not been holding your breathe waiting to hear from me.

Have a bon weekend.