Ida’s diary entry #32

I am shivering today šŸ˜¦

The hairdresser came yesterday, Hatchi l’Epagneul’s friend.
He took our wool off! Just like when it happened last year to mum and Inca, only this time mine has gone too!
Shearing 001

Shearing 002

Shearing 003


Shearing 005

Does my owners bum look big in this? šŸ™‚

Shearing 006

White medicine time.



Shearing 009

Mum’s turn now.

Shearing 010

Inca doing his goat impression.


Shearing 012

Shearing 013

Hi name is Ludo, he was very quick. It took about 5 minutes to do each of us. I think I struggled the most.

Shearing 014

Inca and Mum’s fleeces

Shearing 015

Blurry me. It was my first time after all!

Shearing 018

Shearing 019

Back out in the front garden. We kept calling to each other.

Shearing 020


Shearing 023

Shearing 024

Shearing 025

Me, bleating with my mouth full.

Shearing 026

Shearing 029




It’s been a nice warm day, I am hoping it won’t get too cold again tonight.


That’s all for now.



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