Ida’s diary entry #31

Yoo hoooooooooo,

It’s me 😀

I know, I know, it’s been a very long time since I last blogged. Almost 5 months!
There is only much I can tell you about eating grass (and new leaves and new hedging) and chewing the cud.

Our owner has been very busy, so she spends more time blogging about organic beauty products than about us.
In fact, she gets a bit passionate and a few weeks ago poor Inca found himself having his horns oiled with Neal’s Yard Organic Virgin Coconut Oil……he’s managed to avoid her since.

Inca 016

We’ve been eating quite a bit in the front garden, and there is a short barrier in front of the newer hedging as we started on it quite quickly. Our owners think we should just eat the grass, but we love leaves on trees and shrubs. Kiwi leaves are very nice.

Cherry blossom mid March 022
We hoped we’d be invited in, it would appear not though.

Cherry blossom mid March 023

We had our feet checked a few months ago and clipped, and had some white medicine. It wasn’t a nice experience, and I don’t want to write much about it as it brings back bad memories.

So, a man is coming to do our wool tomorrow. I think it’s a bit like the hairdresser. I have seen a lovely colour I’d like to try.
pink sheep

Meanwhile, here is me (and Inca he gets in all the photos) today. I’ll let you see me after my wool appointment tomorrow another time.

Pre shearing 010

Yes, it is really me. It’s hard to tell me and mum apart now. My wool is slightly woollier than hers, she has more split ends. My face a tiny bit shorter. It’ll be easier once I have gone pink.

Pre shearing 003

Hope to enjoy the brief update. My owner says I must tell you she has an online shop and you can find it here.
Click on the photo for a browse.

a bientot,



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