Ida’s Diary entry #30

Bonne année à tous!

I hope you’re all enjoying a new year. I was allowed to stay up and see the new year in 😀 My first new year.
I will be one year old next month, I feel quite a bit older than that though.

We had a pedicure a few days ago, I didn’t like leaning back against the man on my bottom, but I didn’t get away. My feet felt a bit odd at first but I quite like them now. We also had more of that medicine, Mum and Inca looked like they quite liked it, and they didn’t make much of a fuss when sitting on their bums.

We’ve been allowed into the front garden for a while, where the grass of course was greener and just right for us to eat since the back garden is looking less inviting. Of course we rushed over to the young hedging which was not on the plan apparently, so we got shooed out quite quickly. So now there is a short temporary fence in front of the hedging, so it’s grass or nothing for us.

The weather has been really mild and quite pleasant when it’s not been raining. We’ve been found sunbathing a couple of times this week.
Basking in the sun

The photo above was taken on the day our owners improved the fencing at the bottom of the garden to keep nextdoor’s dog out. It now looks like palette city down there, a good job my small owner isn’t bothered about perfection!

One of 12 being used in the garden

One of 12 being used in the garden

Our owner’s are very unhappy with the lack of control over the dog who comes in and chases the chickens. A few nights ago 1 Lavender pekin hen and a Lavender pekin chick were missing over night, they came back the next day. The same again yesterday, despite the improved fencing, the dog came in and we’re now missing one chick.

Isis 005
This is the dog, you’ve met her before.

Our neighbour’s have promised they’ll improve their barriers, our owners are not holding their breath.

So, hopefully the chick survived overnight and will come back to roost tonight. The weather forecast (so we’re led to believe) is set to be mild for the rest of January. I’ve been told it could snow during winter, and I think I vaguely remember some snow when I was very, very young.

Hope none of you are flooded, or have floated away or frozen your socks off in the storms across the sea.

a ++



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