Ida’s Diary entry #29

Bonsoir amies,

Today has been quite short and I am told that tomorrow will be a little less short but we won’t really notice it.
Winter has arrived officially, and the grass seems to have stopped growing.

Our owner got a little worried yesterday as we called her quite a bit when she came out to bother the chickens. It’s so difficult for us, as she doesn’t speak our language, so we’re not sure she knows what we were saying. She decided we might be hungry, as the grass is looking tired and there is no new growth. She and the big owner were going out for the day so she decided that to make sure we didn’t go looking for food somewhere else, she’d lock us in the shelter! Admittedly she gave us some food to eat, but that lasted about 10 mins and then we were stuck in there until it was dark. At lunch time today they both came down with a big orange thing, and a large brown disc and the big owner (making lots of noises and sighing heavily) carried it into the shelter. As you can imagine, we’re boycotting the shelter, one because we’re not going to get locked in again and two because of the big orange thing.

Our owners are off to visit a sheep farmer tomorrow for some advice and I think they may be bringing back some medicine, so there is another reason to stay out of the shelter. They can’t catch us around the garden 😀

So, this will be my first Christmas, so I thought I’d Google and see what sheep do at Christmas. First of all I was pleased to discover that being a sheep is good, and that being a turkey is not so good as this time of year.
Hmm, why is the sheep on the top of the tree? We have a tree which we sit under, but you wouldn’t catch us on top. I wonder whether it’s cos we’re black sheep and more intelligent.
Oh, that’s a bit worrying.

They’ve been making a drink using black sheep 😦
This sheep looks like it’s been drinking that drink!


I think I’ll stop looking, I am just seeing very worrying things here. Look what’s happened to that poor family!

So, as they say here en France, Bonne Fete or alternatively Joyeux Noel.




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