Ida’s Diary entry #27

Cou cou,

I know, I know it’s been too long and I have no excuses.

Whilst I haven’t been blogging I have been busy eating grass, growing fat and growing my coat ready for winter.
Inca’s coat has turned gingery/brown in the sun, Mum’s only a little and mine a little too.
Inca with ginger hair.
Mum with a little ginger on her shoulders.
Me with a little ginger hair too.

As you can see from the photos, Autumn has arrived, and today is a little cool and breezy. A sure sign that winter is on the way is the annual migration of the Grue. We’ve been hearing them go over since the early hours, and my small owner has spotted skeins in the distance but none near enough to catch on camera. It’s a fantastic sight when they fly low overhead but at this time of year it’s not as welcome as it is in late Winter early Spring.

Flying over in Feb 2013

I wasn’t living here when they flew over in Feb. They make quite a bit of noise as they come over, probably calling out to each other, “Are we there yet” and stuff like that. The sky doesn’t look like this today, it’s grey and cloudy. My little owner is hoping to get a photo today. I prefer the sky that blue colour, don’t you 😀

The chickens are increasing in number, there are the 6 chicks you saw in an earlier blog. They’re now nearly 9 weeks old and looking a bit cold today.

Cool chicks

This colourful coq is from the 6 chicks hatched about 4 months ago, all turned out to be coqs and this is the only one who will become part of the flock. I shan’t say what will become of the others :-/
Trousers 3

Dogs! Yes I mean dogs. The dog from next door has been over 2 or 3 times since I introduced her a month or so back. Luckily she doesn’t chase us and I hope she continues not to. Hatchi, the dog who comes regularly to be dogsat has just had a haircut.

We'll have a good laugh at him when he comes over tomorrow.

We’ll have a good laugh at him when he comes over tomorrow.

So that’s it from here. What’s been happening you’re end?

a la prochaine,



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