Ida’s Diary, entry #26

Mum and Inca checking to see if the dog's still there.

Mum and Inca checking to see if the dog’s still there.

Oct 2013 Sheep 010Salut, c’est moi Ida,

I’ve been a little unwell the last few days and my smaller owner has been making me take disgusting medicine. I am pleased to day though that I now feel well, have my appetite back and am enjoying my lambhood again.

It was a very scary afternoon and tonight when it was time for the chickens to be bothered, our smaller owner finally noticed that there was a dog in the garden!

Isis the first time she came an bothered us!

Isis the first time she came an bothered us!

That’s her. Her name is Isis (she was born this year and if your remember we are all named with the letter “I” as that’s the letter for animals this year). She lives next door and this afternoon was in the garden practicing rounding us and the chickens up! It looks like all the chickens are accounted for, although there are a few feathers and a chicken missing many of her tail feathers, but our owner was more worried about the babies.
3 week old Lavender Pekin chicks.

3 week old Lavender Pekin chicks.

We were not impressed and especially since the dog was eventually penned in our pen!

As a treat we’ve been allowed into the smaller garden tonight and we’re munching away on the lush grass. We’ve not been able to eat much this afternoon what with the dog an’ all.
Oct 2013 Sheep 010
I didn’t have time to check as I have eating grass to catch up on.

Me munching.

Me munching.

Oh and we had another treat, a little bit of bread at the back door. That doesn’t ever happen nowadays, so perhaps having the dog running round the garden is a good thing!

So, that’s what’s been happening. I’ve been chatting to my friends on Facebook who are mostly very caring.

Ida on Facebook.

Thanks for dropping in and sorry I am not blogging loads. Life is pretty much full on munching grass and greenery and putting weight on for the winter. I am rather round already, so I shall probably be fine.

a plus (French for See Ya!)


PS. Our owner has no idea why the photos decide to change the order in which they were posted. She knows that if she attempts to rectify the problem the mess will be far worse. So, she hopes you enjoy the photos and can make sense of their sense.