Ida’s Diary, entry #25

Bonsoir mes amies,

Guess who?

There’s been a lot of activity around here this week and none of it sheep related. We’ve been almost side lined by the poultry fraternity. First of all the last few days of the week saw several trips by the small owner to the chicken coop. Backwards and forwards for 2 days, all because chicks were hatching and the chicken mother had abandoned the odd one or two eggs. I think in the end, 3 chicks were saved to add to the 3 which had been hatched. So, there are 6 new chicks and we’ve not met them yet.

Next (more poultry related) there’s been a dearth of eggs lately, and our owners have been waiting for the five 3 month old chicks to develop only to discover that they’re all cockerels! So, off they went to the local market to buy some point of lay hens. We’ve sort of met them, but they’re not allowed out to join the flock for a week or two.

This is Mr Pekin (one of the Mr Pekin’s) staking his claim and letting them know he’s available when they are. See his little dance? That’s a come on (what ever that means, I am a young lamb and know not of these things).
So, as you can see, this is my diary and there are no recent photos of me! It’s like I don’t exist 😦

I complained about “being invisible” on Facebook earlier, which meant of course my owner then came out and attempted to take photos of me. I played hard to get.

Me and mum

I am the one behind, I am so like mum now. I have a different voice, I sound more lamb than sheep, and my face is not quite as long as mums. I am 6 months old now.

I am not posing.

This is me attempting to ignore my owner. Inca lets the flock down, he’s always right there wanting to know what my owner is doing, seeing if she’s got food and basically being too friendly.

sunday stuff 012

Mum and me racing to the gate to see if we can through before they close it, a rare occurrence.

The dog has been round quite a few times, he tries to get us to play with him. I’m not sure he realises we’re not dog’s and that even if we wanted to, there’s a gate and a fence in the way.

My owner found this just now and thought you might like it. I don’t, and hope now sheep were hurt in this game!

Sleep sheep game

Oh and one more, good luck with it. My owner says it’s impossible!
Sheep Game

That’s it for now. Hopefully she’ll ignore me less now I’ve blogged and reminded her (and my public) that I exist!

a la prochaine xxx