Ida’s diary, entry #22

Coo eee

Long time no write.  Sorrrreeeee.

I really haven’t a lot to tell you.  We spend a lot of time at the moment dozing and chewing the cud in the very hot temperatures.  Apparently the smell of our wool and lanolin is drifting over into the front garden.  Our owner has quite a sense of smell mind you, so it’s probably not that bad.

I am nearly as big as mum now.  I don’t sound like mum though, I still have my lamb voice.  I wonder whether my voice will break as I enter adolescenthood 😀

Our owner has noticed that we’re not very polite or caring towards each other when there is food involved!  At chicken bothering time when we get a bit of maize, we climb all over each other and our owner to get our head stuck in the bucket first.  In fact, mum and Inca tend to jam both of their heads in at the same time, I keep secretly hoping they’ll get stuck that way.

Our owners abandoned us the other day.  They headed off to the Auvergne, you know that place I mentioned in an earlier entry with the extinct volcanoes.


We were meant to be on our own for nearly 3 days but they were back before we really missed them. Apparently it was nice, and the scenery and architecture was interesting (whatever that is) but here in this house is where they prefer to be.

We have seen a lot of the dog recently but he stays the otherside of the door and doesn’t come and chase us.  Today was a dog free day, as is tomorrow apparently.  He is coming on Thursday though, it’s my owners birthday, he probably has a present for her.

So, sorry no photos.  Just imagine a green, spent volcano with a radio mast on top with a few white clouds in a blue sky.  Got it? There, no problem.

A la prochaine mes amies



Yes I know, I got the entry number wrong.  Just checking to see you’re all paying attention!


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