Ida’s diary, entry #21


Have been having rather a relaxing day today, wandering around the garden ruminating.  Laying around in the sun, and then the shade cos the sun got a little too hot.  The dog came this evening with it’s owner, made lots of noise when it arrived and I bravely ignored it.

Did you notice I used a grown up word up there ^^ ….ruminate.  Well, I have found out today I am a ruminant and, I have 4 parts to my stomach!

Ruminant digestive system

So, even when I am laying around resting after a long graze on the grass,  I am still chewing, ruminating  and digesting.  Apparently, this is rather annoying for my owner when Inca “chews the cud ” whilst he’s resting against the back door, as it’s rather noisy.  His horns make a knocking sound on the wood of the door as he chews away.  I think my owners are considering restricting our access to the back of the house.  That’ll put a stop to the dog getting all noisy the other side of the door.

I noticed that that Tottie Limejuice lady has mentioned me on her blog, Tottie’s Book Blog.  In fact, I am now mentioning her on my blog, we could go on backwards and forwards if we have a mind to 😀   I liked being mentioned, it made me feel very important.

What else, oh yes.  Apparently my human age is about 2, so I can feel some tantrums coming on.  I am surprised, I feel older and much more grown up than a 2 year old human, in fact I could probably fend for myself if something happened to my mum.  I hope nothing happens to her 😦  She’s still feeding me, but as I am so tall now I have to get on my knees, it’s not very easy.

Sorry there are no photos to show you, maybe there will be by the weekend.  My owner is not really paying me enough attention.

Hope you all sleep well.

Bon nuit a tous.




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