Ida’s diary, entry #20


Ca va?

The time has gone quickly since I last wrote to you.  We’ve had lots of rain and not a lot of sun.  I’m not sure I will ever get to know what proper summer is.  Apparently it was the longest day a couple of days ago,  so now the evenings are drawing in!  Scary thought.  I wonder what this garden looks like under snow, and how I will find grass to eat.

I was having a chat to a nice lady called Tottie Limejuice this morning who has written a book that my owner was just reading, it’s called Sell the Pig and my owner said she’d help me mention it on my blog, so here it is.  Apparently there is a sequel on the way, and I checked; it’s not called Eat the Lamb, so that’s okay then.  My owner enjoyed the short book and saw no pig in it all!

So the dog was here earlier, once more in disgrace 😀 haha.  Apparently, and I am wondering whether there was a motive to his action, he rolled in dead sheep this morning 😦   He was bathed  several times and still didn’t smell good.  When my owner asked what does dead sheep smell of, the dog’s owner said sheep.  Hmm, do you think the dog was planning on infiltrating the flock under cover?  So you see Simone, whilst I am trying to accept that the dog is another creature and that we are all equal, I think I need to keep my wits about me and not get too friendly.  The nicely bathed dog rolled in something here too whilst he was here, I wonder why they bother with the bath.

The 3 week old chicks were allowed out into the garden for the first time this morning.  My owner thought they’d be okay now out in the big wide prairie with their mum.

Apparently they're cute and mum is pretty.  (She doesn't have a blog though, does she :D  )

Apparently they’re cute and mum is pretty. (She doesn’t have a blog though, does she 😀 )

June chicks 3 weeks old 011

They stayed out for about 2 hours until Inca decided to go and bother them….then their mum took them back to the safety of the coop.

That’s all the news from here at the moment, not very exciting I know.  I hope you’re paying attention Maria.

a la prochaine



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