Ida’s diary, entry #19

Alors, c’est moi Ida.

I have been resting this morning in the warm weather and hoping that it doesn’t rain again.

The big owner is riding around here taking away my grass!  I hope he leaves us some.

Last night my owner noticed that we were playing races around the garden.  She wondered whether we had deliberately waited until dusk, so that she couldn’t video this event.  It’s something we do at the end of the day, and we enjoy racing and playing  for about 10 minutes before settling down to a bit more eating and sleeping.  She also wondered why we would use up all this energy we’d worked so hard to take on board over the day.

My owner was having another wander around internet land the other day and came across this,

Rectangular pupils

The reason these animals have rectangular pupils is because this is what helps them avoid predators. Rectangular pupils tend to get very narrow during day time, which gives animals a greater accuracy of depth perception in their peripheral vision. Traditionally seen as prey, thanks to their eyes these animals are able to avoid predators.

she thought you’d be interested.

She also came across this,

Wiki on Black Sheep

which she also thought you might like.  If not, please humour her, she tries hard.

She’s been searching on Ewe Tube for a good rendition of Baa Baa Black sheep, but so far has found nothing to her taste.  So, if you can find a good one, please let her know.  Meanwhile, my Facebook page has 32 like and I can now see Insights (allegedly) but as usual with Facebook they give you a carrot and then move the goal posts as you reach your goal.  So, having managed the 30 likes, I must now wait 7 days to see what Insights there are to be seen.  Being a lamb (probably sheep now), I will have no insight into the Insights whatsoever.

Finally, I’ve been having a bit of a conversation with Simone (or is it Wini).  She’s learning me to be less prejudiced so that I am more accepting of the dog who chased me! (yea right) and the chickens who try and peck me if I get too close.  I am hoping she’ll come and try this out for herself and see how she likes it!

That’s all for now.  There are very few exciting events to share with you and not even a photo for today’s blog.




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