Ida’s diary, entry #18


I thought I’d do a quick blog to tell you about yesterday.  Those of you who have liked my Facebook page Ida’s Facebook page will already know.

Yesterday afternoon, our owners and the dog’s mum came out into our garden with a long pole.  They stood underneath one of the trees poking it with the pole for about an hour.  The dog came out too on his leash.

The Cherry Pickers 002The Cherry Pickers 003

So, we were resting in the shade in our favourite corner, mum wasn’t resting as much, she was keeping an eye on the dog.  Dog seemed to be relaxed on his leash, so my owner (I wonder about her sometimes) decided to take the lead off and let him roam.   So, he roamed for a bit and then he roamed a bit to close to us and we ran for it at the double.  Of course, that made him chase and chase us.  Not a very good idea in the heat, and it was pretty scary.  Whilst he was chasing us we did a different sort of run when he was close.  Thumping our back legs on the ground in a sort loud hopping style.  My owner thinks this was a warning to the dog (who didn’t seem warned).  After 2 minutes (which to me felt much longer) the biggest owner growled at the dog and the dog stopped and looked a bit sheepish ( well, that’s what I heard them say, I didn’t think he looked like us at all).

Sheep chaser.

Sheep chaser.

So, after that we were secured in our shelter, out of the sun and away from the dog.  I was very scared and very relieved to be behind the gate.  I was only talking earlier in the morning, about how I taunt him from the other side of the glass door :-/  He’s here again this morning, and I am hoping he stays at the front of the house.

I think we were in trouble again yesterday, we got into the hen house again and ate all the food.  Luckily there wasn’t a lot of food to eat. Our owners have made some more adjustments to security of doors now, so that won’t happen again.

That wool of mine is getting very thick, it’s ever so hot in this heat.  I have to keep this coat til next year now.  I am told I’ll be happy to have it come winter.  It’s been thundering and raining so far today.  Our owner says that there is thunder and rain for the next 2 days.  It doesn’t bother us, and if the rain is really heavy we can go in the shelter.

Alors, a la prochaine.



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