Ida’s diary, entry #15

Bon samedi

My owner is wandering around in very few clothes, so it appears summer is really here.  Apparently this means we spend a couple of days laying around in the shade keeping cool, and then running for shelter when the heavy rain comes down accompanied by a lot of noise called thunder and flashes of light called lightening.  We had some of that yesterday evening, and we’re expecting more and worse for the next 2 days.


My owner has discovered some new blogs over the last few days, and whilst reading one, came across this that you might enjoy.  It’s called The Shepherd’s Song (appropriately) and the film is from a place 4 hours away called the Auvergne, a beautiful landscape of old sleeping volcanoes.

Thanks to Tottie Limejuice’s blog, Sell the Pig for introducing my owner to this song.

My owners visited the Puye de Dome a few years ago (it’s the volcano in the middle of this shot she thinks).  It’s well worth a return visit.  It’s where Volvic water comes from.   My owner has a lovely virtual friend who lives near here, Caroline….I hope she sees this and enjoys it.

Sadly one of the new chicks has died.  Our owner noticed this morning there were only 5 chicks and has just discovered the body of the 6th one.  The others are doing well, and apparently Mrs Pekin (you know, the one who’s after her own blog) is being a good mum.

That’s all for now.

a la prochaine



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