Ida’s diary, entry #14


Summer has finally arrived and we’ve been spending quite a bit of time in the shade.  It’s been a lovely day and when we’ve not been snoozing in the shade we’ve been eating.

Ida keeping cool.

Me, resting in the shade.

I think Inca has fallen in love with our owner, he spends quite a bit of time letting her stroke and scratch his neck, and checks her to see if there is anything edible on her person.

That man with the noisy machine was round in our garden today, this time he did leave us some grass though.


I think we might be in trouble, there are not many leaves left on the fig tree ;-/

Fig TreeFigs

But there are a few figs on there….not sure we can reach them.

Each night, at around sunset, we come up to the house and let our owner know that it’s sunset.  She has a reminder on her computer to make sure she doesn’t forget to lock the chickens up.  She probably doesn’t need the reminder now we’re here.

She thought you might enjoy this video.

Hello to Maria, Jo and Debs.




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