Bonsoir peeps,

As I said yesterday, there are chicks in henquarters.  Overnight another hatched and now there are 6.

This is five of them with their mum this morning.  The one which hatched overnight is still under mum until it is old enough to come out.  My owner hopes that most of the chicks will turn out to be hens.  It’s usually difficult to tell until they are older whether they’re boys or girls, unlike us lambs.

I am growing fast at the moment and my owner can’t tell whether I am gaining weight, or whether it’s that my wool is expanding and compared to mum and Inca, I am looking rather plump.  My owner offered me some mint to eat the other day, I refused it…..possibly a good thing!

I have noticed that my half brother has found his inner lamb recently.  He hops and skips down the garden more than I do!  Do you think it is because he is castrated.  He certainly seems rather lambish compared to me who is feeling rather grown up.

We had a look in the kitchen last night….might check it out again sometime when no one is looking.  It’s got some interesting smells that need investigating.  I can smell the dog has been there.  I heard that my bigger owner is planning on driving around our grass with his noisy cutting machine tomorrow.  I hope he leaves us some grass to eat!

So, until the next time Bah



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