Ida’s diary entry #12

Salut mes amies,

Oops, it’s been several days since I last posted.  I blame my owner, she’s been busy.  She did that painting that I got involved in, and the found other things to paint, along with getting the house up to scratch for the first guests of the year.  The guests were here for a whirlwind visit and then they were gone.

I’ve been eating lots of grass, and when I can reach, lots of leaves.  My owner sometimes helps me reach the leaves by holding the branches down for us all to nibble on.  Having used the word nibble it’s actually rather more than that.  We eat fast and furiously given the chance.  We still don’t get into the chicken run in time to steal the food.  We get a handful of maize to share to distract us whilst the chicken bothering is going on.

The weather has not been brilliant, lots more rain again, and we’ve used the shelter when it rains heavily.

There is news from Henquarters.  Mrs Pekin has been sitting on some eggs and they’re due to hatch this weekend.  At the moment, a couple of the eggs have pipped.  So, we’ll see how many chicks arrive from the 6 eggs.

Flower head Ida

Photo of me with a weed jauntily placed on my wool.

Smiling into the sun

The sun poked through for a moment, I couldn’t help smiling.

Got to go now, that dog is here with his mum, and my owner is cooking curry.

Hello Debs x

a la prochaine xxx



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