Ida’s diary, entry #21


Have been having rather a relaxing day today, wandering around the garden ruminating.  Laying around in the sun, and then the shade cos the sun got a little too hot.  The dog came this evening with it’s owner, made lots of noise when it arrived and I bravely ignored it.

Did you notice I used a grown up word up there ^^ ….ruminate.  Well, I have found out today I am a ruminant and, I have 4 parts to my stomach!

Ruminant digestive system

So, even when I am laying around resting after a long graze on the grass,  I am still chewing, ruminating  and digesting.  Apparently, this is rather annoying for my owner when Inca “chews the cud ” whilst he’s resting against the back door, as it’s rather noisy.  His horns make a knocking sound on the wood of the door as he chews away.  I think my owners are considering restricting our access to the back of the house.  That’ll put a stop to the dog getting all noisy the other side of the door.

I noticed that that Tottie Limejuice lady has mentioned me on her blog, Tottie’s Book Blog.  In fact, I am now mentioning her on my blog, we could go on backwards and forwards if we have a mind to 😀   I liked being mentioned, it made me feel very important.

What else, oh yes.  Apparently my human age is about 2, so I can feel some tantrums coming on.  I am surprised, I feel older and much more grown up than a 2 year old human, in fact I could probably fend for myself if something happened to my mum.  I hope nothing happens to her 😦  She’s still feeding me, but as I am so tall now I have to get on my knees, it’s not very easy.

Sorry there are no photos to show you, maybe there will be by the weekend.  My owner is not really paying me enough attention.

Hope you all sleep well.

Bon nuit a tous.




Ida’s diary, entry #20


Ca va?

The time has gone quickly since I last wrote to you.  We’ve had lots of rain and not a lot of sun.  I’m not sure I will ever get to know what proper summer is.  Apparently it was the longest day a couple of days ago,  so now the evenings are drawing in!  Scary thought.  I wonder what this garden looks like under snow, and how I will find grass to eat.

I was having a chat to a nice lady called Tottie Limejuice this morning who has written a book that my owner was just reading, it’s called Sell the Pig and my owner said she’d help me mention it on my blog, so here it is.  Apparently there is a sequel on the way, and I checked; it’s not called Eat the Lamb, so that’s okay then.  My owner enjoyed the short book and saw no pig in it all!

So the dog was here earlier, once more in disgrace 😀 haha.  Apparently, and I am wondering whether there was a motive to his action, he rolled in dead sheep this morning 😦   He was bathed  several times and still didn’t smell good.  When my owner asked what does dead sheep smell of, the dog’s owner said sheep.  Hmm, do you think the dog was planning on infiltrating the flock under cover?  So you see Simone, whilst I am trying to accept that the dog is another creature and that we are all equal, I think I need to keep my wits about me and not get too friendly.  The nicely bathed dog rolled in something here too whilst he was here, I wonder why they bother with the bath.

The 3 week old chicks were allowed out into the garden for the first time this morning.  My owner thought they’d be okay now out in the big wide prairie with their mum.

Apparently they're cute and mum is pretty.  (She doesn't have a blog though, does she :D  )

Apparently they’re cute and mum is pretty. (She doesn’t have a blog though, does she 😀 )

June chicks 3 weeks old 011

They stayed out for about 2 hours until Inca decided to go and bother them….then their mum took them back to the safety of the coop.

That’s all the news from here at the moment, not very exciting I know.  I hope you’re paying attention Maria.

a la prochaine


Ida’s diary, entry #19

Alors, c’est moi Ida.

I have been resting this morning in the warm weather and hoping that it doesn’t rain again.

The big owner is riding around here taking away my grass!  I hope he leaves us some.

Last night my owner noticed that we were playing races around the garden.  She wondered whether we had deliberately waited until dusk, so that she couldn’t video this event.  It’s something we do at the end of the day, and we enjoy racing and playing  for about 10 minutes before settling down to a bit more eating and sleeping.  She also wondered why we would use up all this energy we’d worked so hard to take on board over the day.

My owner was having another wander around internet land the other day and came across this,

Rectangular pupils

The reason these animals have rectangular pupils is because this is what helps them avoid predators. Rectangular pupils tend to get very narrow during day time, which gives animals a greater accuracy of depth perception in their peripheral vision. Traditionally seen as prey, thanks to their eyes these animals are able to avoid predators.

she thought you’d be interested.

She also came across this,

Wiki on Black Sheep

which she also thought you might like.  If not, please humour her, she tries hard.

She’s been searching on Ewe Tube for a good rendition of Baa Baa Black sheep, but so far has found nothing to her taste.  So, if you can find a good one, please let her know.  Meanwhile, my Facebook page has 32 like and I can now see Insights (allegedly) but as usual with Facebook they give you a carrot and then move the goal posts as you reach your goal.  So, having managed the 30 likes, I must now wait 7 days to see what Insights there are to be seen.  Being a lamb (probably sheep now), I will have no insight into the Insights whatsoever.

Finally, I’ve been having a bit of a conversation with Simone (or is it Wini).  She’s learning me to be less prejudiced so that I am more accepting of the dog who chased me! (yea right) and the chickens who try and peck me if I get too close.  I am hoping she’ll come and try this out for herself and see how she likes it!

That’s all for now.  There are very few exciting events to share with you and not even a photo for today’s blog.



Ida’s diary, entry #18


I thought I’d do a quick blog to tell you about yesterday.  Those of you who have liked my Facebook page Ida’s Facebook page will already know.

Yesterday afternoon, our owners and the dog’s mum came out into our garden with a long pole.  They stood underneath one of the trees poking it with the pole for about an hour.  The dog came out too on his leash.

The Cherry Pickers 002The Cherry Pickers 003

So, we were resting in the shade in our favourite corner, mum wasn’t resting as much, she was keeping an eye on the dog.  Dog seemed to be relaxed on his leash, so my owner (I wonder about her sometimes) decided to take the lead off and let him roam.   So, he roamed for a bit and then he roamed a bit to close to us and we ran for it at the double.  Of course, that made him chase and chase us.  Not a very good idea in the heat, and it was pretty scary.  Whilst he was chasing us we did a different sort of run when he was close.  Thumping our back legs on the ground in a sort loud hopping style.  My owner thinks this was a warning to the dog (who didn’t seem warned).  After 2 minutes (which to me felt much longer) the biggest owner growled at the dog and the dog stopped and looked a bit sheepish ( well, that’s what I heard them say, I didn’t think he looked like us at all).

Sheep chaser.

Sheep chaser.

So, after that we were secured in our shelter, out of the sun and away from the dog.  I was very scared and very relieved to be behind the gate.  I was only talking earlier in the morning, about how I taunt him from the other side of the glass door :-/  He’s here again this morning, and I am hoping he stays at the front of the house.

I think we were in trouble again yesterday, we got into the hen house again and ate all the food.  Luckily there wasn’t a lot of food to eat. Our owners have made some more adjustments to security of doors now, so that won’t happen again.

That wool of mine is getting very thick, it’s ever so hot in this heat.  I have to keep this coat til next year now.  I am told I’ll be happy to have it come winter.  It’s been thundering and raining so far today.  Our owner says that there is thunder and rain for the next 2 days.  It doesn’t bother us, and if the rain is really heavy we can go in the shelter.

Alors, a la prochaine.


Ida’s diary, entry #17


Just a short note to tell you that I have a Facebook profile now 😀

I was feeling lonely here without the odd comment or feedback.  So, please pop over to Facebook and like my page,

My Facebook Profile

Thanks, and please let me know if this black writing on blue background isn’t working for you.

Bon samedi xx


Ida’s diary, entry #16


Hooray, the sun is trying to peek through the clouds and it looks like that summer we talk about a few days ago is about to arrive.   Yesterday was one of the worst days ever, it rained and rained and was so dark all day.  I heard my owners grumbling and saying that you’d never believe it was nearly the longest day.

There has been a lack recently of antics from us, we’re becoming a little too boring and just interested in eating and sleeping and eating.  The only time we show much interest in our owner is at chicken bothering time when we have become much more boisterous with our pushing and shoving to get a bit of the chicken food.  There has been a small photo opportunity today, and this blog is more of photos than anything else.   I was very good and stood still in the sun whilst having a nice stroke.

Okay, my owner has asked me to tell you that she’s not doing very well adding photos in order and making the blog look balanced today. So, she’s adding the photos with their captions, but there will be no text around them. Hopefully

the captions will tell the story.

Enjoying a stroking session with my owner.  I'm sleepy which is why I let her stroke me for so long.

Enjoying a stroking session with my owner. I’m sleepy which is why I let her stroke me for so long.

Inca also wanting to be stroked.

Inca also wanting to be stroked.

Mum getting plumper.

Mum getting plumper.

Inca's a bit itchy.

Inca’s a bit itchy.

Figs, a bit green but we enjoyed them! (I think we're in trouble for that)

Figs, a bit green but we enjoyed them!
(I think we’re in trouble for that)

Mint, we don't eat mint!

Mint, we don’t eat mint!

My owner and the other bigger owner are thinking of reestablishing the fence around the  near part of the garden.  It means we won't be able to go and demand attention at the back door.

My owner and the other bigger owner are thinking of reestablishing the fence around the near part of the garden. It means we won’t be able to go and demand attention at the back door.

Okay, now I shall have a short snooze in the sun.

Okay, now I shall have a short snooze in the sun.

Mum doing that wavy leg warning thing.  She is still not so friendly with our owner.   And since our owner doesn't feed us treats much, mum isn't interested in just attention.

Mum doing that wavy leg warning thing. She is still not so friendly with our owner.
And since our owner doesn’t feed us treats much, mum isn’t interested in just attention.

So, that’s what’s going on here.  How’s your Friday going?  We’re going to spend the day grazing and I’ll probably attempt to pair up with the black chicken who’s the nearest I am going to get to a playmate (apart from Inca who is stupid).

Bon vendredi et bon weekend.



Ida’s diary, entry #15

Bon samedi

My owner is wandering around in very few clothes, so it appears summer is really here.  Apparently this means we spend a couple of days laying around in the shade keeping cool, and then running for shelter when the heavy rain comes down accompanied by a lot of noise called thunder and flashes of light called lightening.  We had some of that yesterday evening, and we’re expecting more and worse for the next 2 days.


My owner has discovered some new blogs over the last few days, and whilst reading one, came across this that you might enjoy.  It’s called The Shepherd’s Song (appropriately) and the film is from a place 4 hours away called the Auvergne, a beautiful landscape of old sleeping volcanoes.

Thanks to Tottie Limejuice’s blog, Sell the Pig for introducing my owner to this song.

My owners visited the Puye de Dome a few years ago (it’s the volcano in the middle of this shot she thinks).  It’s well worth a return visit.  It’s where Volvic water comes from.   My owner has a lovely virtual friend who lives near here, Caroline….I hope she sees this and enjoys it.

Sadly one of the new chicks has died.  Our owner noticed this morning there were only 5 chicks and has just discovered the body of the 6th one.  The others are doing well, and apparently Mrs Pekin (you know, the one who’s after her own blog) is being a good mum.

That’s all for now.

a la prochaine