Ida’s Diary entry #11 Enfin le soliel.


It’s been a lovely morning so far, the sun is out, the grass is dry and when our owner went down to let the chickens out where were we……in the shelter!  She finds us a little confusing I think.  Anyway we came out and as usual made our ram raid into henquarters.  It doesn’t work nowadays, as our owner has picked up the chicken pellets before we are through the door.  Just as well really, as she received and email from a friend this morning which goes like this;

Don’t let them do this, we had 3 full-size sheeps break into the hen- house during a thunderstorm,  they gorged on granules and were dead by morning! They died of enteric toxaemia, they couldn’t produce stomach acid to quick enough to cope with the bulk of food and they died of clostridium poisoning (the weak acid didn’t kill the bugs).

It’s good that she knows this now, and she has said she will be extra vigilant now she knows.

So, there has been some stuff going on on the terrace called Shabby Chic, so I thought I should investigate.


Apparently these tables are being “made over” whatever that means.


I think she means Shabby Sheep….


So, after investigating the painting, I decided that I was exhausted and laid down to eat, and promptly fell asleep.  It’s a hard life.

There’s a truly shabby sheep in that video….mum still looking rather scraggy.

Sleeping Ida

Me sleeping, and next a closer look at my feet.

Ida's feet

Nearby whilst I snoozed, this flutterby was enjoying the sun too.  My owner believes it’s a Fritillary, but has no idea which one.

So, that’s it for now, and it’s not even midday.

a la prochaine.



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