Ida’s Diary entry #9

Yes, you guessed, it’s me again.  Writing to you from a very wet central France.  Nous on s’ennui sous la pluie.

Wet and windy, cold and boring Outside The Asylum on a Sunday.

We’ve spent most of the day in the shelter and our owner found out when she called us to wish Izzy a Happy 9th Birthday!  We came eventually, covered in straw and dust, a sure sign that’s where we’d been.

I’ve noticed I have a new follower, so wanted to say hello to Claire, nice to meet you.

We thought we’d check to see if there was any food on offer when our owner came down to put the chickens away.  I tried to eat anorak….twice!  Mum just hung around by the food bins hoping they’d be opened again.

Okay, despite telling Maria this wasn’t a daily diary, I’ve managed to blog daily at least once. Must pay attention to my self and slow down.

Gros bisous



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