Ida’s Diary entry #8

Bonsoir mes amies,

As promised earlier there is some video footage to share with you.  My owner, despite her headache and her run in with Amazon this afternoon (more about that later) has managed to work out again how to upload to YouTube.

First video is us waiting for our owner to open up.

Next, we’re in the hen house whilst the food is still there (rarely now!)

Food glorious food.

and this is Inca after the food which is now gone.

Inca searching for food.

On normal mornings we get persuaded to wait outside until the chickens are out.

It’s been very wet today, but our owners were out so didn’t see whether we used the shelter, and I am not saying 😀

The dog is here at the moment, he is being dogsat.  He would love to come and see us, but he has to stay the other side of the door.  I go to the window and taunt him, we stand nose to nose and he gets excited and can’t get me.

This is him earlier playing his favourite game with a water bottle.  It starts off half full of water, and eventually he pierces it and begins to chew it.  At that point, my owner retrieves it and he gets another one half full.   If he’s not going for a walk, this is a great way to wear him out.  He’s now sitting watching telly, as most dogs do.

So, this afternoon when my owner got home, she’d received and email from Amazon explaining why (she’d asked) her book review wasn’t published.   After reading the email she was pretty annoyed, and you can see all about it here.

Amazon and the false assumptions.

So I hope Maria that you’re happy with 2 installments today.  This isn’t a daily diary, so there will be days when you hear nothing.  In fact there may be many people who are already wishing Ida would be less prolific!

a la prochaine xx



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