Ida’s Diary entry #7

Salut tout le monde, c’est moi Ida.

It’s quite a cool morning here today, and my owner has been taking some video footage of us on our usual raid of henquarters.
Unfortunately,  for the moment at least, she’s not able to share the video footage with you as she’s having problems making it suitable for YouTube.  She’s been trying for about half an hour with various instructions and is becoming rather frustrated and getting nowhere.  So in order to maintain her sanity, she needs to go away and do other things, and come back later with a refreshed brain.

There was a short storm yesterday, I’m not sure I’ve heard thunder before.  It got very dark and windy and rained for a little while.  Being hardy sheep, we didn’t use the shelter.

Approaching storm

Ida feeding

This is a photo of me trying to get some milk.  I only get very brief chances as mum is less interested in feeding me nowadays.  Not sure how long I’ll be able to carry on 😦  Mind you, if you saw how hard I bash her udder, you’d be surprised she’s still up for it!

Anyhow, my owners are going out AGAIN today, so you won’t hear much from me until this evening (peut-etre).  If my owner can get her head around the video converters you’ll get to see them, if not tant pis ;-p

a plus mes amies



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