Ida’s Diary entry #6

Salut c’est moi,

Don’t get excited, I know I said I’d post if there was something exciting to say, but it’s a little quiet here today so I thought I’d share some stuff with you.

I hope you don’t mind when I lapse into a bit of French now and again, after I am a French breed, I do live in France and my owner is learning French.

So, mum and Inca are a little subdued today.  I’m not sure if it’s because they’re feeling a bit odd with the change in body size, or whether it was the medicine.

Sheared INca

I think Inca is looking great, Lee certainly did a good job with him.  I heard them saying that Inca was ready to be sheared and that mum probably wasn’t as ready.

Ivy (and us)

That’s here at the back, she’s looking rather scraggy.  I think she is thin too where she is still feeding me.  Hopefully as the Spring progresses she’ll improve.

You probably haven’t seen sheep teeth.  When we were down near hen-quarters earlier, and where mum and Inca were sheared, there was lots of stray bits of wool around and of course they smelled good.  So, in order to aid my smelling, I curled my lip up so the smell could be drawn across my tongue.  You’ve probably seen cats do it (and maybe dogs), but here is how it looks when I do it.

Ida teeth

day after shearing 010

It worked really well, I could smell my mum even though she wasn’t there.  It’s a good look, don’t you think.  It reminds my owner of those Creature Comfort adverts from the 80’s.

Of course Nick Park and Aardman are the creators of Shaun the Sheep (not Shorn :D).

Whilst searching for the above, my owner came across this one.  Not as good, but topical.

There is so much on Google, I’ll leave you to search for yourself.

Anyway, I hope I’ve given you a little insight into my life and saved you from something boring like washing the nets curtains.

Before I go, I want to say hello to 2 new followers, Debs from Isle of Lewis, and Jo from New Zealand.  H E L L O  Debs and Jo and share this photo of the pretty flower down at hen-quarters.


Alors,  demain peut-etre



7 thoughts on “Ida’s Diary entry #6

  1. Good evening Ida! Thought it was about time I said hello! Loving your blogs and learning about your new life with the old folk!

  2. Hello Mumofholly, thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy more blogs from me in the future. MumofIda says, lessoftheoldfolk!

  3. I like….todally love the goth sheep….she’s really where id is like…..y’know….? Anyway, think am gonna go and reboot…..or whaaadevvverrr X

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