Shear Terror, Ida’s Diary entry #5

Oh my God!

I thought they’d put my mum in a bag!  I was in the shelter with my half brother Inca and I could hear mum calling and calling.  I kept calling back, I don’t think she could hear me though.   I couldn’t quite see what was going on, but when they let me out, I thought she was in a plastic bag 😦  It’s okay though, don’t worry….after I pulled it around a bit and smelled it I discovered it wasn’t all of mum.  I could hear her calling from somewhere else.  I spotted her over the other side of bonfire where I couldn’t see her.   I found her and she smelled good.  I can’t say she looks good though,  in fact she’s banned me from putting the humiliating photos on here for now.  After a bit a reassurance from her, I  went to investigate what was happening to Inca.

I could see him laying on the ground being held down by my owners and another man, it was very noisy and Inca was very unhappy.  I noticed that were bits of him all over the place and it was quite difficult to understand that not all the bits were him.  It was a bit quicker for him, they said his wool was already to come off.  He was pretty angry just the same.  He doesn’t look quite as bad as mum, a little less scruffy and a lot smaller than he used to look.

Hopefully they’ll both now be more comfortable and not so itchy.

Okay, don’t tell, but this is a sneaky shot showing how awful they look.  I am sure in a week or two they’ll look lovely.

Shearing 011

I didn’t like being shut away from mum and luckily, that shouldn’t happen now for another year.

So, that’s it.  I think I’ll take a rest now from blogging until there is something exciting to tell.

à la prochaine



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