Ida’s Diary entry #4


I see the lights are on in the house, my owner obviously not slept in this morning.  I wonder why she’s awake, it’s still very early and only just daylight.

Whilst I’ve been chewing the cud, I’ve been thinking about some of the things I can do that make my owner smile.   I can bounce.   Sometimes I bounce all the way down the garden, and it makes Inca bounce too.  Here’s a video of one of the types of bouncing I am referring to.

I love climbing, and often jump up onto piles of things I am not meant to jump onto.  I can also walk backwards quite fast.  I learned it from my mum.  In fact we sheep walk backwards more or less as well as we walk forwards.

There’s something that mum does with her front legs that I am not sure about.  I expect I learn to do it too.  It’s a sort of waving action, and she does it when our owners are around.  If I was good at knowing,  and translating it into human words, I’d guess it was some sort of warning.  So far though, our owner has not found anything on the internet to explain it.  Here is some information about sheep that you might find interesting.  It doesn’t say anything though about the walking and waving.

Animal Corner

So, it’s a big day today.  Later this morning mum and Inca will hopefully feel less itchy, as they are going to be sheared (oops, I’ve given the game away).  It’s okay though, I know they won’t see what I’ve written, so have no idea.   I think our owner plans to tempt them into the shelter with corn and close the gate.  This will make them easier to catch.  Otherwise there will be that chasing game around the garden.  We love it, not sure our owners do though.  We’re going to be wormed too, whatever that means.  I think t means I am going to have some nasty medicine.  I wonder whether it will be mixed with jam to hide the bad taste?

Menagerie 001

So, this is how he looked yesterday afternoon.

Menagerie 007

Me with some of those chickens I’ve mentioned.  Not wanting to play as usual.

Menagerie 014

Last photo of mum before shearing.  Mrs Lavender Pekin and her babies.

Menagerie 018

Mrs Pekin wanting to have her own blog, and if you look closely you’ll see me at the back trying to persuade a black hen that she’s a black lamb.

Menagerie 026

That’s enough, you can’t have your own blog!

Okay, that’s it for now.  Of course I’ll be back later with news and views from the shearing shed.

à plus


PS.  Hi to Maria, my one and only follower and fellow diarist.  Thank you for your faith in me.


2 thoughts on “Ida’s Diary entry #4

  1. Yes, it does look a little like that, and I’d felt it was some sort of warning off action. Thanks for that and for your praise 😀

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