Ida’s Diary entry #3

Me again.

Don’t worry, I am playing catch up at the moment.  This post should bring us up to date with life here at our new home over the past 6 weeks.

My owner has been reading stuff on the internet, and is thinking that we may be a bit tall to be classed as pure Ouessant.  Maybe she’ll measure us one day to check.

Ouessants Blog Spot has loads of informative stuff, and it is here that you can see the true small stature of the breed.

Meanwhile, she is very happy with us as ideal pets for the garden,  so we’ll be okay.

Is this leg edible I wonder?

Is this leg edible I wonder?

As I have said, I have grown rather a lot in the last few weeks, and I expect I have some more growing to do.

See how big I am.

See how big I am.

I’ve been watching Inca getting in quite a tangle with the Honeysuckle.  If only he realised how silly he looks.

Pre shearing 033

Our owner is a little worried about the beautiful clematis being destroyed.  Here is Inca caught on camera.

Climbing to get more of the Ivy, or is it the Clematis at risk?

Climbing to get more of the Ivy, or is it the Clematis at risk?

Not only is the Clematis at risk, there is a Robin’s nest with 4 eggs in up there, hopefully mother Robin won’t get frightened off for good.

Robin's nest

Mum and Inca have been very itchy in the last couple of weeks.  There are clumps of their black wool all over the garden where they’ve managed to scratch some off.  For 2 mornings this week, our owner has been woken at 06h30 to the sounds of copper pipes being moved around inside the cave (cellar).  The culprit was Inca, who was scratching himself along the cave wall and against the outside water tap on the patio.  There is now a temporary barrier which worked this morning.

Pre shearing 006

That might not be needed after tomorrow, time will tell.

I’ve told you about the chickens.  There is someone else who turns up every so often.


He spends quite a long time staring at us from inside the house, get’s quite excited and barks and wants to play with us.  His idea of playing with sheep is CHASE.  That’s not our idea of playing, so he’s kept out of the back garden.

So, I think that’s me caught up.  Tomorrow will be a big day, and all I have to do is watch and wonder what is going on apparently.

a demain mes amies.


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