Ida’s diary entry #2

Hello, Ida here.

Where I lived before there were quite a few lambs, and I loved running and bouncing around with them.  I felt a bit lost when I got here, as there was only mum and Inca.  Mum was busy taking care of me and bleating to keep me near her and Inca hadn’t been with the rest of the flock for a while, so neither of them was ready to play.

Mum (Ivy) and daughter (Ida)

Mum (Ivy) and daughter (Ida)

I told you yesterday about the chickens.  Well, they won’t play either, despite my attempts to run around with them.  Anyhow, I am pleased to report that Inca has become playful, and he and I play quite a lot.  I have to pay attention to his horns, and despite me not having any, he likes to attempt to get me in a playful horn lock.  I am pretty sure I am a girl lamb, but that doesn’t stop me climbing on Inca’s tail end and practicing that male technique!  I guess I am just a confused lamb….I hope I get it sorted out before I am fully grown.

I’ve grown a lot since arriving here in March, I am now about 2/3rds mums size.  Oh whilst talking about size I should explain.  The breed of sheep I am is Ouessant (Ushant in English I think) and we originate from a small island on the far west of France, just off the Brittany coast.  This island is out in the English channel and is subject to very rough weather.  We are a small, and very hardy breed which is why we rarely need shelter.  You can read more about us on various websites if you just Google Ouessant.  Here are a couple to be going on with.

Ouessant sheep dot co dot uk

Ouessant sheep dot net

The exceptionally small size of the Ouessant is attributed to the poor grazing on the island, which led to the selection of small sheep for breeding. The island is composed of the same ancient rock as the Land’s End and Lizard peninsulas. Readers might recognise the English name Ushant from the sea shanty Fair Spanish Ladies:

We’ll rant and we’ll roar like true British sailors,
We’ll rant and we’ll roar across the salt seas
Until we strike soundings in the Channel of Old England,
From Ushant to Scilly is 35 leagues.

In April this year, some of my relatives have been taken to Paris to help keep some of the grass clipped around some public buildings. Not sure how they got chosen, or whether I could have attended an audition!

Paris sheep

Video of arrival in Paris.

Don’t tell anyone, but we have used the shelter a few times when the owners aren’t looking.  We like to use it on very wet days and nights.  We’ll also use it in high summer for shade.  When we first got here, we sheltered from the rain under leafless tree!

Need more Ram 005

Inca quite likes our owners, and is always wanting to know if they have anything edible in their hands.  This is him checking to see what camera’s smell like.  There will be more photos of him tomorrow hahaha, not looking quite so glam, in fact I think he’ll be looking a bit sheepish tomorrow.

Alors, c’est tout pour le moment.

A bientôt



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