Inca, Ivy and Ida living the good life. (Ida’s diary entry #1)

Black sheep 001

Our first day, before we had names.

My name is Ida

Black sheep 006

I arrived here at the  new home at the end of March 2013 with my mum (Ivy) and a castrated ram aged about 2 years old  in tow, his name is Inca.

Our new owner decided to name us after the letter I, which is the letter in use for naming animals born this year in France.

Black sheep 004

“I hope they don’t choose some stupid name for me”.

When we first got here we were pretty nervous, and our new owners were pretty inept at knowing how to care for us, so there was quite a bit of training for us to do.  For the first few days and nights we taught them how to play chase around the garden, they didn’t do it for long and learned pretty quickly that they’re too old and fat to keep up with us.  So, having trained them to keep their distance, we began to find our feet and check out some of the good stuff around the garden.

Our new owners thought sheep only eat grass!  How stupid can you be.  Mum and Inca have had a great time removing all the ivy leaves from trees and sheds (I think that’s why the name Ivy was chosen for mum).  When  I first arrived, I wasn’t interested in anything other than mum’s milk.  I’ve moved onto solids now though.

Inca doing a goat impression!

Inca doing a goat impression!

We even had a go at some lovely new leaves on the new mixed hedging at the front of the house.  Very tasty, and goes down well.  For us at least, but not for our owners, who seem unhappy with us eating this.

Sun and sheep 003

So, we find ourselves mostly relegated to the large back garden.

On Day 2, after some advice from a friend who keeps many sheep, our owners decided we needed shelter.  That was the night we had them running around the garden.  They did manage to contain us for the night, we weren’t impressed and we kicked over a few things in protest at our incarceration.

The following day, the man set about building a long wall of pallets along the middle of the large concrete building we’d been held captive in.  He worked all day, and did a lovely job

Sheep and enlcosure 014

Sheep and enlcosure 013

….and that night, we played the run around the garden game and refused to be tempted to spend the night in the shelter.  Yes, it’s a bit cool and the weather is damp, but for goodness sake, we come from strong stock, we don’t need shelter.

Oh and they were also told that we would need supplements to the lovely grass, ivy and hedging.  So, on Day 3 they went out and bought “Granules pour Animaux” and a bale of hay.   Oh how we laughed at their folly.   There are some chickens who live here too, and we love their food.  As for the granules, no thanks!

This is my first diary entry, several weeks after my arrival, there’s more to come.  I’ve heard rumours that mum and Inca are about to have a bit of a shock in a couple of days time.  But I’ll leave that until tomorrow.

Ida head shot


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